“Muscle” Cars that Don’t Deserve the Name

The formula for a muscle car needs to be so obvious that nobody would be able to spoil it: require a car, have an aggressive styling and a lot of power underneath the hood to make it cheap. It sounds similar to a simple plan, one that has been proven to work time after time. Regardless of this, many muscle cars failed in a number of of the above departments and are now considered to be muscle cars in name only because they are completely unworthy of that moniker.

1. Ford Mustang King Cobra

Most people would expect only great things from the Mustang, but those in the know will already be familiar with the embarrassment that had been the Ford Mustang II which was severely wimpy in comparison to its predecessor. The Mustang King Cobra was even worse, as that had been not bad enough. Despite obtaining the most aggressive name for an auto ever plus decals to fit, the King Cobra would not be able to intimidate a granny behind its wheel due to its severe absence of power.

1978 Ford Mustang

2. Pontiac Trans Am

This is a car that has been successful despite it and itself has the TV show “Knight Rider” to thank for this because the iconic KITT is actually a Trans Am. It is the only thing that this has choosing it. Other than that, it came standard using a meager four-cylinder engine with the option of a V-8 which wasn’t much better at only 165 hp.


3. Delorean DMC-12

The Delorean was a bad car which became successful because it was prominently featured in the “Back to the Future” franchise, the same as the Trans Am. This made many people overlook the fact that it had a puny 130-hp engine but still cost a fortune for the time.


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