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Southern California is the best place in the country. I’m convinced of this, even though much of the rest of the United States thinks I’m bonkers. You know why they disagree? It’s cause they don’t live here. They don’t get to enjoy a 75 degree day in February or go to the beach in March. If they’re lucky they have a few beautiful places within driving distance but we have everything right here in our own backyard. Did you know that California has more diversity in ecosystem than any other part of the country? From towering and precipitous mountains to low, arid deserts, California truly is a land of plenty. It would be sinful to not enjoy it to its fullest! The first thing you need is the right car, and fortunately for you, I have a few perfect suggestions. Depending on your needs you’ll probably only lust after one of them, but if you’re a person with a variety of tastes, I think they’ll all inspire you.

Dodge has a mind-blowing fleet of new, 2014 cars and trucks. The new Dodge Journey is an amazing family SUV that will tickle the adventurous imagination in all you parents out there and fill your kids with excitement and curiosity. You’ll have a half dozen trip ideas fully planned out by the time you start doing the paperwork, but don’t fret, in a new versatile and beautifully engineered Dodge, you’ll be able to go on them all! It won’t be long until you’re planning a half dozen more.

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The Dodge Durango offers the ultimate in road tripping accommodation. It is giant and powerful and can hold all the kids and all the toys with room to spare for the dogs. In most SUVs, packing for a family road trip is kind of like playing Tetris on one of the higher level, but in this behemoth Durango, it’s more like putting a few snacks in the fridge. This is the perfect SUV if you’re hauling a boat or a dirt bike. It offers unparalleled comfort and safety and deserves your attention and a test drive. Check out this and the other current Dodge models at Dodge Costa Mesa or and see them all!

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Either one of these SUVs can go anywhere, the next thing you need to do is figure out where to go? If you’re traveling with the family, I’d recommend trucking up the winding and bucolic central coastline of California known as Big Sur. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place, and once you are immersed in the drive, you won’t be able to imagine a better or more beautiful place either. With diverse wildlife or elephant seals and far reaching redwood trees, this drive will make your kids go bananas. Don’t get too close to the elephant seals though. While they look lazy and adorable, they can move! Big Sur also features romantic inns and spectacular vista points that will send shivers down your spine and might even inspire a little romance while the kids are playing.

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