GM Concepts that Should Have Made It on the Road

General Motors has existed for a long time and, as you would expect, it provides made its fair share of excellent moves and bad moves. The good moves helped the business remain favored by the public for such a long time while the bad moves tarnished its reputation forever. Concurrently, there have been several decisions which, while not bad moves, represent lost opportunities. Never did, even though such is the case with several concept cars unveiled by GM that should go into production.

1. Cadillac Cien

This concept car was showed on the public back 2002. In the past Cadillac failed to exactly use a reputation for making reliable, performance vehicles. That is where the Cien could have are available in. A powerful V12 engine placed in the middle of a sports car with the right looks could have been just what Cadillac needed. The Cien could possibly have accomplished this years ahead of time, even though eventually, this was done with the help of the CTS-V.


2. Cadillac Sixteen

It was pretty clear in the first place that GM did not really intend to actually put this behemoth into production. However, if it did, it could go down because the best car GM available (or a catastrophic failure). The engine would have taken all the glory: a V16, 13.6 liter engine with 1,000 horsepower!


3. Oldsmobile Profile

The name alone was enough to make Oldsmobile an unwanted brand heading to the new millennium but the boring lineup of your company only made matters worse. However, the Profile had that modern design which could have changed this. Unfortunately, it never came to pass.


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