Best Supercars Built by the Brits

Great Britain has made a lot of contributions for the automotive industry, perhaps even over any other country. Those contributions are spread across the board, ranging from luxury sedans for example the Bentley or maybe the Rolls Royce to sleek small cars such as the MINI Cooper. With regards to supercars, that is another area where the UK has earned bragging rights. Here is a quick look at the best supercars to ever emerge from Britain.

1. 2014 McLaren P1

McLaren is, arguably, the most distinguished British automaker when it comes to supercars. The company’s track record is full of notable inclusions and the latest one just might be the best yet. Certainly, in terms of performance, it eclipses all previous efforts which is on par with every other car out on the market today.

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2. Aston Martin One-77

It was obvious that the most famous British automotive brand had to make an appearance about this list. Aston Martin became a household name after the DB5 became the symbol of British excellence and elegance because of Agent 007, James Bond. To this day many consider the DB5 featured within the movie Goldfinger to be the signature Bond car. It will be the remarkable and highly-collectible One-77 which earns the title of best supercar produced by Aston Martin, though afterwards the company saw a resurgence after several decades with the exquisite DB9.

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3. McLaren F1

This is simply the best car in the ‘90s. The greatness from the F1 was much more than pure speed, although if it came out, it absolutely was the fastest production car ever and stayed that way for a long time. It was simply miles prior to its time and yes it was unrivaled by anything on the road.

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