Bentley Officially Releases Bentley Birkin Mulsanne Special Edition

Bentley Engines unveils a new Limited Edition design exclusively for Western customers, the Birkin Mulsanne.

The Exclusive Edition of just 22 autos is available in 3 colour specs: a contemporary and fresh Ghost White, Damson for a far more vibrant contact, and a stylish contrast of Fountain Azure and Dim Sapphire, offering a modern day interpretation of the classic two-tone Bentley paint design.


Bentley Birkin Mulsanne

Taking ideas from Sir Henry ‘Tiger’ Tim Birkin – the legendary Bentley Boy who travelled and raced thoroughly around The european union in the 1930s and 1920s – this new model characteristics numerous special styling details and symbolizes the pinnacle of English luxury motoring in its most discerning develop.

Numbered door sill plaques, a unique 21? wheel design and style inspired by those about the original Mulsanne concept automobile, and a impressive 3D ‘Flying B’ company logo stitched to the vehicle headrests and inlaid into the hardwood of the front side fascia and rear picnic tables, establish the Birkin models. Furthermore, all three features feature a beautiful tailored suitcases set – each one fingers-crafted, individually matched and numbered with the interior of every car.

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne

Items are already selected for the Birkin Limited Edition from the Mulsanne’s extensive alternatives list to the well-travelled connoisseur and the Mulliner Driving Requirements delivers an engaging motoring experience due to a unique ‘Sport’ setting around the Drive Dynamics Control program. An intricate diamond quilting pattern for the seats and door panels, complemented by an indented leather headlining and ‘knurling’ information to the internal metalwork, produce a contemporary and tactile finish to the cabin.

For those venturing in the rear of the Birkin Mulsanne’s roomy cabin, the Entertainment Specification offers a luxurious and comfortable space to work or relax although on the move. Each and every car capabilities exquisitely-packaged dual 8? Digital screens in the rear of the seat headrests, a Digital video disc player, a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Naim for Bentley premium audio system and iPads integrated into the hand-crafted solid wood picnic desks.

A tribute to Tim Birkin

The muse for this Exclusive Edition Mulsanne, Sir Henry Ralph Stanley ‘Tim’ Birkin, was celebrated as both rushing legend and unassuming type icon within his time, epitomising the idea of the British gentleman racer.

The Birkin Mulsanne specifications are born from the idea of how Birkin would commission a Bentley nowadays. With its effortless performance and splendid hand-crafted cabin, the Bentley Mulsanne symbolizes the heart and soul of Birkin’s beliefs as motoring connoisseur. Now, with its unique design details and exquisite specifications, the Exclusive Edition Birkin Mulsanne is an automotive homage to just one of Bentley’s most influential visionaries.

Over time he started to be increasingly included in Bentley’s endeavours on the road and race keep track of, culminating with his key part in the development of the ‘Blower’ Bentley in 1928, though birkin’s initially Bentley was bought merely out of a love of good motoring. Birkin saw that to keep its aggressive racing edge, the company required to increase the strength of the 130 bhp Bentley 4 ½ litre, and so pushed to match the car with a supercharger, which increased power to an impressive 242 bhp.

In order to be eligible for a Le Mans, Birkin persuaded company operator Woolf Barnato and fiscal-backer Dorothy Paget to support a production run of 50 cars. It had been for this car – with his fantastic fearless type of driving it – that Birkin is perhaps best known.

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